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Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn COVID-19 Update

Welcome to the Poultry in Motion™ resource website and booking site. Unfortunately, the Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn has temporarily stopped our in-person visits due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In response to this, we have created this new website and our resources are now available on-line. Please click on the appropriate links and enjoy the many resources we have provided for you.

We are monitoring the public health situation carefully, hoping to get back to normal operations soon. At this time, we are unable to accept requests for in-person school presentations. Thank you for your interest and please check back soon. Take care and stay safe!

We would love to hear from you about arranging a booking so we can attend your school or community event!

The Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn is a field trip that comes to your school! Displaying the three life cycle stages of chickens is an exciting, visual “real” learning opportunity for your students.

The Poultry in Motion™ presenter will share information about BC chicken farming. Visitors viewing the Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn experience the different stages of a chicken’s development and learn about the BC chicken farming industry in a transparent, educational and fun way!

Information on science, social studies, health, lifestyle choices and career education are included. Attendees will enjoy and appreciate their experience viewing the Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn.

Important Information

What Does Our Exhibit Look Like and Include?

The Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn is an enclosed unit displaying the chicken life cycle in a mini representation of our barns. Also included is a  10’ x 10’ canopy shelter and display table of fun activities and other up-to-date interesting industry information.

What is Required?

Two 15 Amp 110 V electrical outlets for heat for the chicks upon arrival and an accessible exhibit space of at least 50 feet x 15 feet. For schools, we love to park in an area accessed by all students so they can visit before and after school as well as during recess and lunch. Please provide a convenient area to park the truck and trailer for the length of the visit.

We are happy to attend your fair and/or community events without charge.

What do we Need from Schools?

Teachers will need a classroom to be equipped with an internet connection and digital screen or a TV and DVD player for student viewing.