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Resources for Educators

Chicken Education Resources for Educators.

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Safari Man Dan Teacher Guide.

This comprehensive colourful booklet serves as a supplement for the “Safari Man Dan’s Canadian Chicken Adventure” video. The activities promote literacy, numeracy, and knowledge of the entire chicken industry using creative activities and lessons. The content of this teacher guide is specifically designed to help students:

  • Identify the chicken growing process
  • Understand the life cycle of chickens.
  • Select, read, and view a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts.
  • Interpret and combine information using various strategies, resources, and technologies.
Secondary School Lesson Plan.

Our secondary school in-depth lesson plan is targeted to Home Economics students in Grades 8 to 12. This lesson plan will be of particular interest to:

  • Food and culinary staff and students through the use of recipes and guides on effectively preparing a chicken as a food item.
  • Science program for staff and students as the Canadian chicken industry has a science-based foundation and represents science in action.
  • Technology program staff and students as Canadian poultry barns have technology programs and equipment involved in the daily barn operation.

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poultry in motion table
Real DIRT on Farming Teacher Guide.

This informative online educators’ guide explains livestock and crop production, Canadian food safety programs, and why farmers are dedicated stewards of our environment. Educators can use the contents of each chapter to help students discover new insights about important topics such as:

  • Who is Growing Our Food?
  • Crops and Plants
  • Farm Animals
  • Humane Treatment of Farm Animals
  • Food Security, Eating Local and the Cost of Food
  • The Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Farming
  • Healthy and Safe Food
  • Food, Farming and the Future

All knowledge and materials presented can then be further expanded through a variety of creative fun activities, videos, and other media. Visit our Resources page to learn more about what we provide!

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Comments from Our Teachers.

“I think it’s so important to have positive messages out there regarding farming. Your presentation was a great experience for the kids, and they all went home talking about it! Thanks so much!”


“The barn was set up beautifully for all to see.”


“Great program–I learn something every time that they come! I enjoy the Canadian (and BC) content that is discussed.”


“Thank you so much for keeping the presentation rolling; the kids were totally engaged and loved seeing the chickens/chicks.”


“Very knowledgeable and passionate presenter. Was able to deal with all ages of students with great ease.”


“Having ‘straight from the source’ information is an added bonus to a great presentation. As a population locally owned and operated is very important to us and it was such a valuable experience for the children to have direct contact. The presentation was interesting, engaging and thought provoking; there were many thoughts and questions shared when we got back to class. We will further look into the online resources over the next week or so. Please keep this program going, it has meant a lot to my students.”


“First time being part of this program – exceptional! Really enjoyed it and we all learned lots! Thank you so much!”


“The Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn is a wonderful program that builds connections to agriculture, educating youth and communities on the different aspects of poultry production which is important to our future generations. The BC agri-food industry is at the forefront of innovation, and it is a pleasure to know about this work.”
~Rickey Y. Yada, PhD, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC